How it is made

All the products of our Acetaia, both the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PDO , and the Dressings , sare produced in compliance with the Production Regulations of the "Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena" Protected Designation of Origin, gazetted on 30 May 2000.

We use a single raw material: must coming from grapes traditionally grown in the area of Modena, , partly coming from a little family vineyard planted on the bank of the torrent Tiepido. This must is cooked at atmospheric pressure in open containers, until it reaches a concentration equal to about 50% the initial volume.

The cooked must is then poured into the wooden barrels, where the ageing process begins. The ageing product is poured every year into barrels of different size and wood type composing the "batteria" (a set of barrels). The yearly process of decanting, together with the ageing process, leads to the getting of the final product, with all its distinctive, unmistakeable features. The whole starting from cooked must only, without adding any other substance and without intervening physically or chemically on the product.

Once the desired features have been obtained, the product must undergo analytical and sensory trials at the laboratories of the bottling centre, under the control of the Certification Body. Then the product is bottled in the 100 ml solid transparent glass bottle, round in shape and with rectangular basis, which is obligatory for the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PDO , Each bottle is sealed by a numbered mark.

The Dressings of the Acetaia are bottled manually in 250 ml and 100 ml glass bottles, after having undergone controls in order to ensure their compliance with the law provisions.

During the whole ageing period the Certification Body carries out recurrent checks on the whole production process, from from the vineyard to the acetaia, where the product ages. The Certification Body verifies the compliance with the Production Regulations.